The male species is a never ending source of entertainment for me. Made eye contact with someone who happens to be a male and I give him a tiny smile, in return I get mad dogged. Then while I was holding the door open for multiple people the last dude stopped and wouldn’t go inside until I did. Most people might be a tad offended by this kind of thing but this experience has actually made my day, in fact I might be chuckling about it all week. ahah Stupid fuck boys.  ?


Circle Jerks - World Up My Ass

Person: why do you wear black?
Me: to mourn the death of my enthusiasm
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I’m trying to prove a point to my stupid friends who say ‘That guys voice is so annoying and their all ugly, no one listens to that shit, Suicide Silence is better’

Suicide Silence sucks butt juice through a straw. Your friend must not know much about music. Iron Maiden/Suicide Silence are worlds apart and shouldn’t be compared. If you’re going to listen to something heavy do it right. Iron Maiden > Suicide Silence any day.

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